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All of Baylor's primary vocabulary words are listed below and have been grouped into the following categories:  obedience, agility, food, toys, and house.


Word or Phase Response
Ahh ahh! stops doing whatever she's doing
Come walks/runs to caller
Down lays on ground
Drop releases whatever's in her mouth
Easy slows down; becomes less aggressive
Get it retrieves whatever object was thrown
Get it in when healing or sitting, moves her rear to right
Heal walks/runs along side Jeff
Hold retains object in her mouth until told to "drop"
No stops doing whatever she's doing
Off when up on hind feet, returns to all four
Over goes over a jump
Ready Looks up at Jeff and prepares for next command
Sit assumes sitting position
Stand assumes normal standing position; does not move
Stop quits doing whatever she's doing
Up places front paws on person or object
Wait stays in position until told to "come"
Watch me looks up at Jeff's face



Word or Phase Response
Agility knows we're going to agility training or competition
Big Over jumps over a double, triple, or broad jump
Chute runs through closed tunnel (chute)
Climb walks up and over the A-frame
Teeter walks on and over the teeter-totter
Touch slows down and walks on obstacle
Tunnel runs through tunnel
Walk on walks across raised dog walk
Weave runs through weave poles



Word or Phase Response
Bone finds an old bone or dances around as new one is given
Cheesy treat dances around as medication is wrapped in a piece of cheese
Chewy dances around as rawhide chew is removed from the cabinet
Food dances around as food is being prepared
Get a drink goes to water bowl and drinks
Ice goes to freezer for an ice cube
Let's eat dances around as food is presented before her
Treat sits and watches intently as dog treat is retrieved
Water watches as water bowl is filled
Weiners dances and lets out a rare bark as hotdogs are cut up for training



Word or Phase Response
Ball retrieves tennis ball
Big rope retrieves large sized rope
Bill retrieves doll of President Clinton
Clown retrieves clown doll
Dino retrieves her favorite childhood toy, Dino the Dinosaur which now just a purple piece of cloth
Elmo retrieves her favorite adulthood toy, the Elmo doll whose arms and legs have systematically been removed
Frisbee catches Frisbee on the fly
Froggie retrieves froggie squeak toy
Hedgehog retrieves hedgehog toy animal
Porky retrieves porky the porcupine toy animal
Rope retrieves her rope
Stick retrieves any stick in the area



Word or Phase Response
Barb dances around as we prepare to see Barbara Mills
Bath walks to guest bathroom
Bathtub gets in bathtub
Bird watches a wild bird outside
Catch catches whatever you throw in her mouth
Car walks toward and gets in car
Dad finds Jeff
Go around when on a leash, goes around an obstacle to avoid getting tangled up
Go potty goes to the bathroom
Groceries goes to garage to "help" Jeff bring in groceries
Inside walks to door of house
Jeff finds Jeff
Kennel goes into her crate
Kisses licks person's face
Kitty finds or seeks out a cat
Let's go runs to the door
Look with Jeff pointing, focuses on designated object
Look out moves out of the way, especially when Jeff is mowing
Mail goes to front door and once outside, heads toward mailbox
Newspaper retrieves newspaper from driveway
Nighty-night goes to bedroom and lays down
Outside goes to back door
Rabbit finds and pursues a rabbit
Shake most dogs would lift a paw for this command, but she would shake excess water off after a bath
Show me after seeking out Jeff, leads him to whatever she wants
Squirrel finds and pursues a squirrel
Teresa dances around as we prepare to see Teresa Nash
This way used with a hand signal to point to new walking direction; she turns that way
TV looks at television
Walk dances around in anticipation of going for a walk
Weiner time dances wildly and sometimes barks in preparation for food motivated training session
You stay here and I'll be back walks back to bedroom to rest since Dad is leaving without her


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